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Wayang Museum, Jakarta

Puppet Museum Jakarta, initially was an old church which was founded by colonizers VOC circa 1640 named de oude kerk, hollandsche the building serves as a place of worship for the residents around the Church as well as for the Dutch army until the year 1732.

In 1936 the church building was changed to the monument and later the building was bought again by the Bataviaasch genootschap van kunsten there en arts which is an independent institution established for the purpose of furthering research on the art and science of special knowledge about biology, physics, kesustraan, archaeology, history and Ethnology.

At the time of the transfer of power from the Netherlands to Japan, the Museum Building is not maintained altogether dean in 1959, the museum was handed over to Indonesia, cultural institutions and since then the name of the museum was changed to the Museum of Wayang, Jakarta.(if you want to know more clearly with the puppet Museum, you can simply come to the puppet Museum) "Indonesia Tourist Paradises Of The World"

museum wayang
Location Of Puppet Museum
Layout of the puppet museum is still one location with Museum Fatahillah in Jakarta, is located in Northern Great Jln Door No. 27 Jakarta Barat 11110

Entrance Ticket To The Museum Of The Puppet
The entrance ticket to the museum of the puppet of West jakarta, while we come is $ 5000, and $ 2000 for children, it includes a bargain, we will be treated to puppet collection, and there's also a puppet show.

Puppet Museum Route
For those of you that you can wear from jakarta Busway in the city, and when you use your private car can go straight to the address below. and the Jakarta City station.

Address Museum Of The Puppet
The Doors of the North No 27 Jakarta Barat 11110 Indonesia
Phone No.: 021-62929 560-6927 289
No Fax: 021-6929 560
Email: Info@museumwayang.com

Article source: Museumwayang.com

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