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GIli Meno, Lombok Island Hidden Paradise

Gili Meno is the smallest and most silent among the three gili Islands Lombok is often visited by tourists. Its beautiful beaches almost all parts of the island and its crystal clear water makes many tourists to Gili Meno to do sightseeing and relaxing away from the urban bustle. It feels like a vacation to a private island for the island is indeed not many who visit it. This is because Gili Meno is often dibaikan by tourists compared to Gili Air and Gili Trawangan. But the beauty and atmosphere of the island exceeds both the neighboring island.

As in the two other gili, Gili Meno is also surrounded by a beautiful sand beach. These beaches you can explore around 90 minutes by walk. There are no cars or motorcycles here, so the quality of the udahnya of silence and unquestioning. If by chance Your stuff quite a lot, You could use a cidomo (cart, carts pulled by horses) that could help carry Your luggage from the boat with no more dependence on the East side to your accommodation.

Although silent, actually Gili Meno is also inhabited by local citizens but only about 400 people. Most of the population living in the vicinity of the road connecting one part of the island to the other.
In addition to motor vehicles, electricity is also still very rare here. There are only a few people and villa have a generator. Generally local residents still use candles/torches for lighting and use firewood for cooking.
Anything that can be done on Gili Meno?penangkaran kura-kura, kura-kura di gili meno, tempat pemeliharaan kura-kura, gili meno lombok, wisata ke pulau lombok, wisata lombok The streets: not complete your tour to Meno if not walking around the island to enjoy the scenery and the life of local residents. One of the places of interest to visit is the salty lake is on the Western side of the island.The beach: the beach at Gili Meno is the best beach of the entire coast of Gili Islands. So don't miss to play or just enjoy the beach here.bird park, wisata di gili meno, gili meno lombok, tempat wisata di lombok, wisata lombok Snorkeling: not satisfied with just going around and looking at the beach alone, try to go snorkelling. Go snorkelling in Gili Meno very engrossing because aside from its clear water, you can already see the fish even turtles frolic on the beach which is quite shallow.Diving: If you're a fan of diving, it is mandatory that you must do in the Meno. With crystal clear sea water, you can see the coral reefs is still awake, coral, sharks and turtles.Garden Bird: you can also visit the small bird park which is on the island to see a variety of bird species.Captive turtles: at Gili Meno there is also a captive green turtles. You can visit there to have a look around the restoration efforts and support in doing here.
Hotels in Gili MenoBiaya one and Gili Meno sekit food more expensive than gili gili-another. Like the other islands, a cheap place to stay can be found in the Interior and a bit far from the beach. Hotel prices can still dinego if you come out of the holiday season (July, August, and December) especially if you are staying for a week or more.
For more accommodation you can see here.
Food in Gili MenoTidak is no luxury food in restaurants on the island. But at the Beach Cafe and guest house provides a great fresh fish grilled in banana leaves. Most restaurants also have a wood-burning oven to make pizza.

Some of the popular places for foraging include: Warung Rust: this is the most famous restaurant in Gili Meno and the best places to meet people when the island began to quiet.Shop Yaya: this little place is very popular among tourists because the price is cheap for fried rice and other food specialties Indonesia.
Life MalamHampir no night life can be found at Gili Meno. But you get to meet with people who lived in the guest house with a walk in a bonfire party. Most people who live here would be to Gili Trawangan to enjoy the party.
There are KeuanganTidak facilities ATM or bank at Gili Meno, so you should bring enough cash if it is to stay there. In an emergency, the agent can usually Blue Marlin diving can offer you a cash advance through your credit card for a sizable fee. If not, then you had to get to Gili Trawangan since the only ATMs in kepualau Gili Trawangan only.
Accommodation: Lombok Gili MenoDari to ship to the Gili Islands typically depart every day from the Harbor, about an hour from Senggigi. You may have to wait for enough passengers who want to go to Gili Meno. But if by chance there is no direct vessel, we recommend you take a boat to Gili Trawangan and stay there one night. Then You can get to Gili Meno by using speed boad in the morning.

From Bali to the Gili Islands: boat leaving from padang Bai, a port city located about 90 minutes from Kuta. Or you can take a fast ship with a more expensive cost of Benoa Harbour, Bali.
More information about transportation in Lombok.

The best time to MenoMusim in Gili Gili Meno is in July, August, and December. During these months, the cost will increase dramatically and it was difficult to find accommodation. But the island has never been as busy as outside these months. Gili Islands in the rainy season lasts from November to April.
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