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Cianjur Cibodas Botanical Garden

Cibodas Botanical Garden is a tourist attraction that is also famous with the name United Kingdom Cibodas Botanical Garden. This tourist attraction is in Cianjur, West Java. Cibodas Botanical Garden was founded in 1852, the founder named Johannes Elias Teismann who early named Mountain Groves built Cibodas. Cibodas Botanical Garden lies at an elevation of about 1,275 staterooms m.

Cibodas Botanical Garden is very well suited for removing the tired of city life, you can come to the Cibodas botanical gardens towards the weekend, because the Cibodas botanical gardens not only as tourist attractions but also as a place for preservation and research specimens of plants from abroad. in fact there is also a special tourist attraction in cianjur plants namely Garden flower of the archipelago.

Cibodas Botanical Garden also has a mission to make the Cibodas botanical gardens into a botanical garden in the world in the field of conservation, and the Botanical Garden also has a mission to Cibodas conserve tropical plants are Tropical plants, especially from the plateau of wet. and develop research on conservation and utilization.(Indonesia Tourist Heaven Of The World)

Cibodas Botanic Garden Collection
Cibodas Botanical Garden has a large collection of tropical plants are wet plateau, there is also a distinctive collection was Taman Cibodas Moss who has 216 types.

Kebun Raya cibodas

Cibodas Botanical Garden Facilities
Botanical Garden attraction Manager Cibodas has built many facilities to make the Cibodas Botanical Garden becomes the world's finest botanic gardens, facilities include a tourist area of Wana Cibodas, playground, public SANITARY FACILITY, a prayer hall, a Hall, shelters, outdoor theatre and also a Camping Ground.

Cibodas Botanical Garden Admission
To be able to enter the Cibodas Botanical Garden Attraction visitors will recognise in the admission of about Rp 9,500/person. Two-wheeled ticket Rp. 5,000 four-wheeled entrance Rp 16,000

Cibodas Botanical Garden Address
Center For Plant Conservation Cibodas Botanical Garden
Po Box 19. sdl. sindanglaya, cipanas, Cianjur in West Java
Tel: (.0263) 512233, 520448,520467
Fax: (.0263) 512233

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