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Yogyakarta Tour

Yogyakarta Province is a province located in the South, East, West of Central Java province, Yogyakarta or people call with jogja, Jogjakarta, yogya or Ngayogyokarto is a special region or Province level, Yogyakarta is a State Royal family as well as the Duchy of Paku Alam that fused into the unitary State of the Republic of indonesia.Yogyakarta is famous for its cultural tourism, as well as shore excursions, including the Royal family and there is also the Parangtritis Beach Prambanan Temple is Klaten Regency, Central Java.

Yogyakarta is a settlement that has had its own Government, the Sultanate of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Kingdom and Duchy of Pakualam Ngayogyakarta, in founded in 1755 by Sultan hamengkubuwono 1, was founded by the Duke of pakualaman for Paku Alam 1 in 1813, paku Alam 1 which is also the brother of sultan hamengku Buwono II, the Dutch Government acknowledges that the Sultanate of Ngayogyakarta and pakualaman as an empire and have the right to be able to set up its own Bylaws.

In fact Both the Kingdom has got an international recognition, both from the Netherlands, the UK and Japan, but after indonesia proclaimed the independence of Indonesia, which at that time ruled by the Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX as well as Sri Paku Alam VIII, the Royal party stated that Yogyakarta Sultanate and pakualaman merged into the territory of the Republic of Indonesia, Yogyakarta becomes the region with special autonomy and expressed with the special region of Yogyakarta (DIY) since that time Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX as well as Sri Paku Alam VIII be the head of the responsible directly to the President of Indonesia.(Indonesia Tourist Heaven Of The World)

Yogyakarta is in the middle of the middle of the southern part of Java Island, the East borders the district had four Yogykarta, and one municipality of. I.e.: Sleman, Regency of Bantul, Gunungkidul, Kulon progo Regency, city of Yogykarta.

Many attractions in Yogyakarta, among which the most famous include:

Bantul District:

ParangTritis Beach

Museu m. Pleret

Bantul Depok Beach

Gabusan Art Market

Panggung Krapyak

Gunung Kidul Regency:

Pantai IndrayantiIndrayanti Beach

Pantai sepanjang Gunung KidulSepanjang Beach

Pantai Krakal gunung kidul,Krakal Beach

srigethukSrigethuk waterfall

Pantai KukupKukup Beach

pantai baronBaron Beach

Pantai NgobaranNgobaran Beach

Pantai Gesing Gunung KidulBeach Gesing

Kulon Progo Regency:

Pantai glagahGlagah Beach

Pantai Trisik kulonprogoTrisik Beach

pantai bugelBugel Beach

Pantai CongotCongot Beach



Candi Kimpulan (2)Candi Kimpulan


keraton yogyakartaYogyakarta Palace

Jalan MalioboroJalan Malioboro

alun alun kidul yogyakartaAlun Alun Kidul

museum sonobudoyoSonobudoyo Museum

Gedung AgungGedung Agung

Museum Kareta KaratonThe Royal Train Museum

pastyPasty Yogyakarta


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