Tuesday, April 22, 2014

5 Charming Cape on the island of Lombok

The Cape is part of land which juts out into the sea. In contrast to the white sand beaches and ramps, usually a rock even exists in the form of steep cliffs. Even so, the Cape can also be so have views that are not less Interestingly than beaches and other attractions in Lombok. On the island of Lombok, there are 5 Cape can be visited and certainly has the beauty and uniqueness of an interesting and dear to miss.

1. Tanjung Ringgit
The Cape is located in Kecamatan Jerowaru, East Lombok has an incredible natural scenery beautiful. If you are a fan of photography, then Tanjung Ringgit is a destination worth a visit especially at sunrise. There's even an overnight stay also use tents in order not to miss a moment of this sunrise. Sunsire views in this place is captivating because you can see Mount Rinjani and Sumbawa island at once. The beach which is surrounded by hills and the blue of the sea water also complements the beauty of Tanjung Ringgit.
2. Cape A'antempat wisata di lombok, wisata lombok, pantai tanjung aan, objek wisata di lombok, lokasi wisata di lombok
Cape A'an located not far from Lombok's Kuta Beach, famous for its beauty and unique soft texture. The sand here has a rather coarse grain, as grain of pepper. Near the beach there is a large rock that can be piloted. From this Hill, we can enjoy the beauty of Cape A'an which lure. A cross between a sea green colored bluish, white sand and dunes on the other makes this place very dear to miss. Although very enchanting scenery of Cape A'an, but this place is still quiet and not much visited by tourists. This was the more value we can make so much more freely to swim, sunbathe on the beach, or just simply enjoy the quiet and relaxed susanya.
3. Cape Bloamtempat wisata di lombok, wisata lombok, objek wisata di lombok, bebatuan indah, batu indah,
Cape Bloam is an area of conservation of turtles around the cliffs along the coastline. Besides that, this place has the natural beauty of the unspoiled and not yet crowded tourist trap. In addition to the beaches and the clear blue waters of the sea, at the Cape of Bloam there are also cliffs of rock. The stones are yellow with a little black on the top is very contrasting blue sea view incur. If you are a photography lover, the scenery is certainly very exciting to enshrined.
4 & 5. Tanjung and Tanjung Perak Chinesetanjung cina lombok, tanjung perak lombok, tempat wisata di lombok, wisata lombok, objek wiasata di lombok, lokasi wisata di lombok, pantai indah di lombok, lokasi melihat sunset
The second point was in the village of Pemongkong, district Jerowaru. This place is actually a beach with the plateau with steep cliffs. The most preferred view of the tourists who come to Tanjung Perak Chinese and Cape that moment of sunset. At sunset, this place becomes very enchanting especially if weather delivery. Orange colored sky and beaches stretching also joined Golden. Take photos on the Hill of Cape China and Tanjung Perak is the view that many favored the photo hobbyist.
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