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New vacation spots in Bandung, Bamboo Village

The tourist area is very suitable for You make the choice of holidays together with family or co-workers. It would be much more exciting if a visit to the Bamboo Village in Bandung, together with groups of many. Tourist places this one is still new in Bandung Bandung after presenting Trans Studio Bandung and Lembang, a Floating Market now comes back with new attractions are not less exciting, namely Bamboo Village.

It deserves if Bandung tourist town because it has many famous tourist area and until now is still growing and growing. Many tourists from Jakarta seemed no bored to travel to Bandung, more than it does a bit of visitor origin Sumatra and neighboring countries who wish to travel to Bandung to visit the crater white, Mount Tangkuban Perahu and many more tourist attractions in Bandung.

A lot of people who love the feel of the city and a classic ambiance as well as natural because it is already bored with the often-gridlocked city atmosphere and lots of pollution. Bamboo Village in Cisarua still belongs to the new sights in Bandung can You make one of the choices for a holiday in Bandung while feeling tired with the bustle of the everyday.
Bamboo Village, Family Leisure Park
Photo by: travel.detik.comTidak endless Bandung offers an attractive getaway. Now present a new tourist attraction that has the concept of ecotourism in North Bandung, namely Bamboo Village. It is set in the village of Cijanggel, village Kertawangi, Kec. Cisarua, Kab. West Bandung. It is approximately 10 kilometers from the Terminal if the Tap at Jalan Setiabudi, South Jakarta and not far from the Curug Cimahi natural tourism objects.

When entering the village tourist area of bamboo, you'll feel different shades. As befits a Sundanese village in ancient times, you will be taken starting from the rice field and the passage of small lake, then went into a villa area green and lush. Land area in the hamlet of about 15 hectares of Bamboo, but the building is only about 5,100 square metres or approximately 3 percent. The area of unique and exciting tour is filled with places of lodging, restaurants and cafes, there is also an area for a playground and camping ground.
Dusun Bambu, tempat wisata baru di BandungBamboo Village, new attractions in BandungMenariknya, here the visitors can choose their own freely when you want to enjoy the Bamboo Village in Bandung area which part. Call it the name area, Purbasari saung is located on the banks of a man-made lake. In the middle of the Lake there is a stage area, which shows ampitheater in arts and culture. Don't forget, there are canoes also for you who want to cross the Lake.

Burangrang, comes with the concept of restaurants and cafes that have design green architecture is beautiful. Lutung Kasarung, there is also a place to eat that was on top of the tree and is shaped like a bird's nest made from twigs.

"A different place, a different sensation," said PR Novita Febrianti Bamboo Village. Ditawarkanpun food also varies, ranging from typical Sundanese food, Indonesia and also internationally.
Dusun Bambu, Obyek wisata baru di BandungBamboo Village, new attractions at the BandungMemilih in any area, visitors will be treated to a spectacle of outstanding natural beauty. The towering trees, sweeping lawns and flower gardens, and a lake. There is also Market the Equator provides a variety of produce such as fruit and vegetables that can be bought by visitors. There is also a culinary, traditional Sundanese as Know Gejrot.

"We have 5 fruit unit villa for a place to stay. With a price range of 2-4.5 million Rupiah, "said Anti, so greeting a close companion. Recognized by Anti, rate lodging that is in the hamlet of Bamboo it is above the average hotels or inns in Bandung.

"But the specials here, on each supplied butler (Butler). He will be ready to serve all the needs of guests. In addition, guests who want to stay will also get the meal just as long, or noodles bandrek tek-tek to be late in the afternoon or the evening in front of the villa, "he said.
Dusun Bambu, tempat liburan baru di BandungBamboo Village, new vacation spots in each villa BandungMasing located here named after the character in Sundanese as Kabayan, Sangkuriang or Iteung. But to not stay in this place does not need to feel worried, because Bamboo Village can still be enjoyed. The whole area is in the hamlet of Bamboo other than villa and still packed with nuances and different atmosphere. For admission to the hamlet of Bamboo, each visitor will be charged amounting to Rp 15 thousand.

"By paying the entrance fee, visitors will get a welcome drink is a traditional drink of ginger and Lahang one tree for planting," he said.

The tree will be given the identity of the visitors such as name, phone number and email. Later, if the tree is ready to be planted, then visitors will be informed in order to harvest them. With the concept of family theme parks, Bamboo Village like no other tourist attractions that have been more used to attend.

"We are indeed no rides such as ATV, flying fox and many more. However, we would bring the spacecraft-rides a more educative and make the children or family members to be more in love with nature as well as the ' kaulinan barudak ' e.g. archery, "he said.

The name of the hamlet of Bamboo itself is taken as the area of this place is going to be a place of conservation of bamboo. At present, there are about 50 new species of bamboo have been planted in the area of the village of bamboo, and the plan will be planted up to 112 different types. Here you will also be able to see an awful lot of ornaments made of bamboo as a pillar, a roof, insulation, ornaments, lights and decorations.

Bamboo Village is open daily from 10.00 am until 22.00 pm. Experience the beauty of nature in the development of the village to gather bamboo. The thrill of climbing a mountain, across the Valley, sees the flow of the river or down the dykes of rice fields will give You many pleasant experience. Quoted from

For you who are interested to the hamlet of Bamboo as a group, we also have a package Of Recommendations to the hamlet of Bamboo Bandung with bervarias prices. Happy Holidays!!
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