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5 attractions in Lombok must-see

5 attractions in Lombok | Lombok is a picturesque tourist destinations and interesting to visit, its beauty is so stunningly made many foreign tourists who come to spend their holidays on the island of Lombok. According to some sources there say that Lombok tourist attraction is even more beautiful than the attractions of Bali. In General, before heading to the island of Lombok, the foreign tourists to Bali first then new to Lombok.

It will never be endless if we discuss the beauty of natural attractions in Lombok Island, Indonesia, and is one of the beauties of nature tours are popular. For some local tourists, it was not easy to visit attractions in Lombok Island, in addition to the costs that will be put out quite a lot, it could be said this is where Lombok island nature tours of elite class.

However, you will not regret if visit to Lombok tours that offer incredible charm as follows.

1. the natural beauty of Lombok's Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach Bali island as the LombokSeperti which has a beach of Kuta, so did in Lombok Lombok's Kuta Beach is also offering the beauty of the natural charm of the beach. The beach has white sand and there is a village called village of Kuta. The village of Kuta has become one of the attractive tourist destination in Indonesia since here a lot of new hotels built. In addition to the beautiful nature you can enjoy in this village, at any one time in a year the ceremony will be held here in this Kuta village Sasak. This is a ceremony Smells Nyale. In this ceremony the sailors will find worms Nyale at sea.

2. the 3 Gili Islands Lombok
3 Gili di pulau Lombokthe 3 Gili Islands LombokHampir every day 3 Gili is never short of visitors both local and foreign tourists, though it isn't actually there were only three small gili I found on the island of Lombok. But the name was already well known to the international community and most popular Yes 3 Gili here. In the 3 Gili is a motor vehicle is prohibited to enter for the sake of keeping the freshness of the air around the island to keep always fresh. The vehicle is available in 3 Gili is like a bicycle, cidomo (Chariot), and use shoes/Sandals (walk). Access to the island, takes about 15 minutes if you of Senggigi Beach, and then proceeded by boat from the ward to get to the gilis, by issuing costs around Rp 10,000.

3. Lake Segara Anak Pulau Lombok
Danau Segara Anak Pulau LombokLake Segara Anak Lake LombokSebuah Island is formed in the caldera of Mount Rinjani with a height of approximately 3775 m above sea level. A view on the Lake is indeed it is amazing and very beautiful, so many local and foreign tourists who visit and climb Mt. Rinjani to be able to see the beauty of nature that owned Lake Segara Anak. The Lake is the breadth of reach 1,100 ha of land and has a depth of about 230 m and m above the surface of the 2,010 Topography of sea water, on the Lake, there is an awful lot of fish. A lot of people come visit there not just to its natural indahan menyakisikan, but also while fishing.

4. Mount of Senggigi Lombok Malimbu
Bukit Malimbu Senggigi LombokSenggigi Malimbu malimbu LombokBukit Hill which is in the Senggigi Beach has become a favourite location for tourists who want to capture photographs and their trip to the island of Lombok. At the end of mountain slopes there are two palm trees which it is parallel. Around here there are many vendors selling a variety of souvenirs in the form of pearls. Will be incomplete if not stop by to Lombok Malimbu Hill.

5. the charm of Beach Paradise in Lombok
Pantai Surga di LombokBeach paradise in LombokPantai is already famous for having a very beautiful landscapes and beaches is also clean and has white sand, do not be surprised if this beach is named after the beach paradise. For those of you who like the sport of Surfing beach is one of the options. In addition to the beach paradise is also still present a number of beaches in the southern region which is also very beautiful, like heaven on the planet, kaliantan, Cypress, Bay of Ekas with has the appeal that one of them is its aquaculture, commonly called the Gili indah. His name is indeed a Paradise Beach, but said those who once headed his way there as hell.

A wide choice of tours on lombok you can make the best tourist destinations for vacation time. Like nature? The island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara is the right place for you to visit. You can also start your tour of attractions in Yogyakarta-Bali-Lombok island and happy holidays! Source: attractions in Lombok.

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