5 attractions in the famous Tangerang

5 attractions in Tangerang | Vacation to the city of Tangerang yuk, find famous places of interest to visit in Tangerang. The city that is still included in the Jabodetabek is actually has a lot of attractions that you can set as tourist destinations. As is the case at attractions in the famous field by having many mosques, in the town of Tangerang there is also a magnificent Mosque.

Among the neighborhoods of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi (Jabodetabek), it seems to me the most in interest as tourist destinations is indeed primarily a tourist tour of bogor and jakarta. But tourism in bekasi and Tangerang in tourism also can you jadika an alternative to vacationing.

Just a walk to 5 attractions in Tangerang.

1. a thousand Doors Mosque
The mosque Door SeribuMasjid is already dating back to the time of Sultanate of Banten, circa 1978. Uniquely in this mosque is having an awful lot of doors, which is why the mosque was called Masjid a thousand doors. Being one of the tour's visit to the mosque.

2. Garden Tours Cape Sand
Taman Wisata Tanjung PasirGarden Tours of Cape PasirTempat this tour much sought after tourists and always crowded by enthusiasts. A beautiful landscape makes these sights to be quite popular. Here you can also enjoy a seafood meal with a relatively cheaper price.

3. the island Cup
Pulau CangkirCangkirPulau is a unique island with a unique name, its history is also unique in anyway, according to some sources the island shape like a Cup, then that's called island of the Cup. To be able to reach the island, you must use a boat from the beach of tanjung hooks, more or less cost is 6-10 thousand only.

4. Tanjung Hooks
Pantai Tanjung KaitTanjung KaitPemandangan nature that exists in this beach is very beautiful, moreover there are tourist attractions in the area of Cape Coast not only hooks only, such as theme parks and island sand spit Cup also still is in the popular tourist area of Tangerang Tangerang city community.

5. Al-Adzom
Masjid Al-AdzomMasjid Al-AdzomMasjid is the largest in the city of Tangerang, by having a high tower and the dome of the great, became an attraction for lovers of religious tourism. The mosque was first founded in 1997 and is able to accommodate the pilgrims more than 15 thousand people. You can visit here to worship or just the photos and the rest on this magnificent mosque.

How? interesting way of attractions in Singapore? When speaking of the mosque I as the author on the blog info attractions so remembered with tours in Soweto mosque, one of which is similar to the tajmahal. All this and a happy holiday to Tangerang.


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