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5 attractions in the famous Bogor

5 attractions in the famous Bogor | Of the many excursions in bogor who already renowned as one of them is tourism Summit in Bogor. We chose 5 attractions You can make part of the tourist destinations at holiday time or when you have some spare time and want to take a vacation. Surely no less Interestingly bali tour and tours of bandung which I have published earlier.

Many tourist locations in the town of Bogor and beyond that you can make the choice of tourist destination. Among the many attractions in Bogor, Tourist Info blog pick 5 that are interesting to you who want to go on vacation to Bogor.

The holidays will be a lot more fun when you go on a trip together with groups of close relatives as well as family. The city of Bogor is also often used as a tourist destination of people from Jakarta who was bored with the atmosphere of the city and feel tired with the bustle of every day.

And here are 5 tours in Bogor that draws from the Tourist Info:

1. Apex City of Bogor
Summit BogorPuncak bogor city in the Highlands, and is surrounded by tea gardens which is very spacious, and have a beautiful natural landscape is also cool the passions. mountain tea plantation mas namely bogor attractions that deserve to be recommended, not only make it as an area for study tour can also make it as comfortable exercising area starts from the foot encircling the tea garden, jogging, cycling and sports gantole or flying kites.

2. The Jungle Bogor Nirwana Water Adventure
The Jungle Bogor Nirwana Water AdventureThe Jungle Bogor Nirwana Water AdventureThe jungle bogor nirwana is something the family recreation area as well as well as educational tours for some of the students who are interested in conducting leisure while you study. the jungle water adventure in bogor nirwana residence residential location with the background something of Mount salak. the beautiful panorama and Eve are cool that are among the hallmarks of the jungle water adventure. a variety of exciting rides that type is found in the jungle water adventure, including the wave pool or wave pool.

3. Bogor botanical gardens or Palace of Bogor
Kebun Raya Bogor atau Istana BogorBogor botanical gardens or Palace of the BogorKebun Kingdom of bogor bogor Palace or on 87 acres as an icon for the city of bogor. have some collection of fifty thousand species of plants. There are several thousand deer free living in the courtyard of the Palace of bogor. not only acts as a tourism destination of bogor, bogor botanical gardens is also used as a research area by several students and scientists. bogor Botanical Gardens has a high historical value, comfort, coolness, and keasriannya could take the attention of many tourists that come to visit, some of the tourists from abroad or visiting the archipelago could enjoy the coolness of the jungle in the city.

4. Indonesia in Cisarua Safari Park
Taman Safari Indonesia di CisaruaChildren's Safari IndonesiaTaman safari tourism as a favorite of several schoolboys for study tours and also is among the favorite tourist destinations for families. Indonesian safari park which is something the Zoo's design fit in with the original habitat of the animals, the Indonesian safari park has a collection coming from various corners of the world as well as almost the entire animal in the world exist in Indonesian safari park. Here there is also a vehicle for play as well as a swimming pool.

5. The Highland Park Resort
The Highland Park ResortThe Highland Park ResortThe highland park resort there is outside looking at the curug nangka, Kampong sinarwangi sukajadi district of taman sari. that is something the typical Mongolian tents that are building the first in indonesia and the only one in southeast asia with an exotic panorama leads immediately to mount salak. the combined situation of nature that is cool and beautiful with its unique interior design make the highland park resort so something luxurious, five-star resort and is in the nature of the mountains.

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